• Jake Lacy

Three More 'Has Fallen' Movies in Development at Lionsgate

Gerald Butler's character Mike Banning isn't done taking terrorists down yet! According to Deadline, fourth, fifth, and sixth entries are planned in the 'Has Fallen' series. The series is to yet again be produced by Butler's production company, G-Base, and Butler is expected to be returning to the role of Banning. Producer, Alan Siegel has also recently revealed the company is considering selling the franchise IP to international television for spin-offs, saying, "The spinoffs would star local actors who would speak in their local languages, but it wouldn’t be separate from future films. If a spinoff happened in India, then the star of that show could appear in a Fallen movie."

A move like this makes a lot of sense financially. The Has Fallen movies have made $500 million at the global box office, with a major amount of that coming internationally.

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