• Jake Lacy

'Crisis on Infinite Earths" Crosses Over the AROWVERSE with the DCEU!

On a television event that seems to be crossing over everything in the world's of DC, we should have seen this coming! While running through the speed force, Grant Gustin's the Flash runs into a familiar face... none other that EZRA MILLER'S THE FLASH from the DCEU! Even though it is only a quick cameo, we finally have confirmation that these two character's live in the same multiverse and have the opportunity to cross over with one another. What does this mean for the future? Will we start seeing the television characters popping up into the films? The opportunities are endless!

Miller played the Scarlet Speedster in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and 2017’s Justice League, and he’s set star in his own solo film in July 2022.

Check out the crossover scene linked up above!


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