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Collin Trevarrow Hints At Jurassic World 3 Title...

On June 11, 2021, audiences worldwide will be treated to the third, and possibly final Jurassic World film. The first Jurassic World was a massive success, grossing $1.670 billion and becoming the now sixth highest grossing movie of all time. Even though it's sequel, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, didn't make as much, the film still dominated the box office making $1.309 billion. Jurassic World 3 has the possibility of being the most successful of them all due to the fact that audiences will not only be able to see the repercussions of the cliffhanger set at the end of the last film, but will also be able to watch all the original cast from Jurassic Park returning in their respected roles.

Twitter user James Ronan called for potential Jurassic World 3 candidate titles on by tweeting...

Collin Trevarrow then took everyone by shock when he retweeted Ronan confirming someone on the Twitter thread got the title correct.

He then narrowed it down to 27 titles and has everyone guessing "which one is right?!" Which of the 27 down below do you believe is the correct title? Let us know in the comments below!

  1. The Jurassic World

  2. Jurassic World: The Jurassic Park of Jurassic World

  3. Jurassic World: Survival

  4. Jurassic World: Clash of Worlds

  5. Jurassic World: Illusion of Control

  6. Jurassic World: New Era / A New Era

  7. Jurassic World: Dawn of a New Era

  8. Jurassic World: Rise of New Era

  9. Jurassic World: Rise of the New Kingdom

  10. Jurassic World: Edge of Chaos

  11. Jurassic World: Chaos Effect

  12. Jurassic World: When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth

  13. Jurassic World: Reverie

  14. Jurassic World: War for the Planet

  15. Jurassic World: Ancient Futures

  16. Jurassic World 3: Long Live the Dinosaurs

  17. Jurassic World 3: Rex in the City

  18. Jurassic World 3: Illusion of Control

  19. Jurassic World: Extinction

  20. Jurassic World: New King

  21. Jurassic World: The Return of the King

  22. Jurassic Park: Dinotopia

  23. Jurassic World 3: You Asked for It Humans

  24. Jurassic World 3: When Worlds Collide

  25. Jurassic World: Coexistence

  26. Jurassic World: This Series Needs to Throw in the Towel 


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